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We Depend on our submitting detectives and officers to keep us updated when they make an identification or close a case.

New cases are added at least once a day, updates and captured are updated several times a week, depending on work load in our primary jobs, and almost always on Thursday mornings.

Detectives should notify their call takers when making a submission, as the media does use this site as a source of information and they may call for additional information or wishing to feature a case.

We do not currently mark identifications for violent crimes, but we have a private note area for keeping track of new information for those cases. We will flag the identification of nonviolent criminals.

The IP address of submitting parties is recorded, and a person making a false entry could be construed to be making a false police report .

Please leave us feedback if you have difficulty making a submission, or call Lt. Leo Hoban at (781)320-1000. We continue to try and streamline the submission process and to make it easier for our participating detectives.

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Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council to identify unknown criminal suspects.

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